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Top 10 Reasons We Get Around ♥ Atlanta Tech Village

Selfie: We Get Around Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod at Atlanta Tech Village.

We Get Around Founder, CEO and Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod loves our satellite office space in Atlanta Tech Village (360ºs). After his first two months, Dan writes:

  1. Serendipity – the Village tag line is Creating Engineered Serendipity (It's SO true!)
  2. Curated Community – it's a curate community of passionate, tech entrepreneurs pursing their innovative, big ideas that embody the values of the Village: (360º)
    1. Be Nice.
    2. Dream Big.
    3. Pay It Forward.
    4. Work Hard. Play Hard.
  3. High-Speed Wi-Fi92 down and 53.30 up (especially helpful for sharin our 360ºs)
  4. Super-Charged StaffVillage staffers are let's-make-it happen people
  5. Positive Energy Village members are super-positive people
  6. Speakers/Education/Workshops/Presentations/Peer Groups –lots of ongoing opportunities to attend Village events (360º) and tech events that take place in the Village (360º).
  7. Startup Chowdown – every Friday, free lunch (360º) for all Villagers. See Serendipity
  8. Mentors – I'm surrounded by a community of seasoned professionals mentors that like helping emerging tech companies. (360º)
  9. Fun – it's simply a fun, energizing place to be a member
  10. Hot Desk Membership – we like paying month-to-month with no deposit nor long-term lease commitment. It's a brilliant approach to how commercial real estate can work. I enjoy working out of a Village "community room" spaces with others.
  11. Bonus: Introductions – It's exciting how many Village members offer to make introductions for us to apartment communities, real estate brokers, hotels and other places to live, stay or visit.

Would you like to learn more about Atlanta Tech Village? Take the tour; then buy a day pass. That's how I get started. Plus, your Top 10 reasons to join the Village may be different than mine. For example: would you like help with seeking investors; practicing your pitchscholarships; and work in a Silicon Valley like space with amenities such as free snacks and great coffee?

Atlanta Tech Village – Collection of 360º Photo Spheres: