Ricoh Theta

Review: Ricoh Theta 1-Click 360º Photo Sphere Camera

360º Photo Sphere shot with the Ricoh Theta camera at Atlanta Tech Village. We Get Around Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod used a Manfrotto Nanopole stand to elevate the Theta 6 ft.

We Get Around Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod took the Ricoh Theta 1-click 360º photo sphere camera for a spin paired with his iPhone. Here's what he likes and his wish list for updating the Ricoh Theta app; next generation Ricoh Theta and Theta website:


  1. Easy
  2. Fast
  3. Affordable (for business use)
  4. Custom support line answers our calls quickly
  5. Nice design
  6. Stealth
  7. Hundreds of images per battery charge

Wish List for the Ricoh Theta App

  1. Add geo-tagging data
  2. Add compass setting data
  3. Add Battery Indicator
  4. Add countdown timer
  5. Add HDR
  6. Add RAW file output
  7. Add image sharpening
  8. Add Cancel button during Post View
  9. Add sharing options: Sphere, 360Cities, email, Pinterest, HomeAway (via Sphere)
  10. Settings Option: wait until connected to Wi-Fi to share socially (best image quality)
  11. Camera Roll: make obvious which image is spherical (and number)
  12. Settings Option: add my logo patch to replace tripod (500 mp x 500 mp .png)
  13. Add time-lapse (automatically shoot "x: shots: once every "x" seconds)
  14. Add timer (e.g. delay shot for 5 or 10 seconds)
  15. In addition to light/dark slider, add option for shutter speed faster/slower
  16. Export RAW image files
  17. Option to disable/enable audio beep (helpful for on-stage concert spheres)
  18. iPad app (battery lasts longer) [suggested by Martin Hopkins]

Wish List for the Ricoh Theta Camera

  1. Better lens
  2. More megapixels
  3. Faster processing
  4. Make connecting to Wi-Fi rock-solid easy
  5. "Plug" for port that will not break
  6. In addition to white, available in black
  7. Ship with lens cloth
  8. Ship with pro tripod adapter
  9. Low light mode = slow shutter; low ISO (via Theta photographer Jeffrey Martin)

Ricoh Theta Website

  1. Add Views counter
  2. Create clean design (remove banner promotion)

Disclosure: Ricoh provided us with a free Theta camera. We include a new Ricoh Theta camera in the We Get Around DIY You Shoot / We Host bundle.