We Get Around HuffPost Live President Roy Sekoff at Digital Summit

360º Photo Sphere: HuffPost Live President/Co-creator – and Founding Editor of The Huffington Post – Roy Sekoff keynote at Atlanta Digital Summit Wednesday, 11 May 2014.

Visual Storytelling Content + Social Media Amplification = Reach

This 360º photo sphere (above) was viewed 800+ times in 12 hours (and 1,100+ times in a week) after HuffPost Live President/Co-creator Roy Sekoff sent this tweet (embed below).

We Get Around Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod (pictured in the front row), used the We Get Around 1-click 360º spherical bundle to shoot this sphere (in very low light). Dan placed the Ricoh Theta camera on a Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod and triggered the shot remotely with the Ricoh Theta app on his iPhone.

The result? Visual storytelling content + social media amplification = reach. (And a "Cool" shout-out from a cool entrepreneur).

Postscript – Thursday, 29 May 2014