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Construction: The 3 R's of Matterport 3D Showcase WalkAround Tours for General Contractors

We Get Around Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod created this Matterport 3D Showcase WalkAround™ tour of this $3.8 million house (that could be the set for a Resortation Hardware catalog photo shoot).

AGC Georgia – the local chapter of a national association for general contractors – has invited We Get Around Founder, CEO and Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod to demo and discuss our Matterport 3D Showcase WalkAround tour solution at the AGC Georgia Construction Tech Forum. The session takes place on Thursday, 29 January 2015 at Atlanta Tech Village. (Nearly 100 people are expected to attend. The event will also be live streamed to other AGC offices across the U.S.)

Dan's demo 'talking points' below. For more info, The Construction App Guru writes about the Matterport 3D Showcase solution created by the We Get Around Network of Matterport 3D Camera Photographers.


For General Contractors like you, we can help you:

  1. increase revenue
  2. same time
  3. improve a documentation process

The We Get Around Around WalkAround solution (demo) is like Google Street View on Steroids:

  1. Photo versus 360º View
  2. WalkAround View
  3. Floor Plan View
  4. Doll House View

Here's how General Contractors can leverage the three R's of the We Get Around WalkAround solution for:

  1. Reference
  2. Renovation
  3. Rent


  • For reference photography, we create WalkArounds at the pre-drywall stage. Now you and your out-of-town clients can take a virtual tour to help create a punch list.


  • For renovation projects, do you tie-up a senior design member of your team spending a day measuring and taking pictures and then a day re-constructing the space in CAD software, even before designing?
  • Now imagine that we shoot the space today and deliver the WalkAround – including the Objective File (.obj) – tomorrow. Your CAD architect can then immediately begin designing.
  • The We Get Around architect team creates interactive floor plans from the object file (.obj) that we deliver in various formats, include .rvt for Autodesk Revit LT BIM or similar software.


  • For renting, imagine helping your clients rent, lease or sell their properties faster by providing a WalkAround for their marketing team. Plus, your marketing team can leverage the same WalkAround to help get new business.

That's a Wrap

  • Thank you for considering the 3R's of We Get Around Matterport 3D Showcase WalkArounds – reference, renovation and rent – for your next general contracting project.
  • I seek introductions to production builders in the greater Atlanta are in particular and across the U.S. in general.
  • I'm Dan Smigrod and We Get Around.

For More Information on Matterport Meets Commercial Construction

The Construction App Guru (15 December 2014)


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

  • Question: In addition to Atlanta, we have projects in other states. Can you hep us across the country? 
  • Answer: Yes. We can help you with your construction projects in hundreds of cities around the globe with the We Get Around Network of Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographers. Simply place the order with We Get Around and we coordinate with the photographer and we deliver to you ...
  • Question: How do you deliver the WalkAround?
  • Answer: You receive a URL and iFrame embed code (example)