Clermont Hotel

We Get Around at the Clermont Hotel

Creative Loafing Atlanta engaged We Get Around to shoot 360º photo spheres for its cover story today (23 January 2014) about the soon-to-be-redeveloped historic 89-year-old Clermont Hotel in Atlanta.


We Get Around Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod shot 24 360ºs Thursday while Creative Loafing Photo Editor Joeff Davis documented the Clermont with his artistic eye meets traditional still photographs.

"I'm thrilled that Joeff at Creative Loafing asked us again to provide a virtual tour of an historic Atlanta shuttered landmark, said Smigrod.  "Only a few people will ever have the opportunity of touring the Clermont Hotel in person – until it's re-birth as an upscale four-star 98-room boutique hotel. Now, with our 'teleport in' virtual tour inside this 'time-capsule' – everyone can visit (and not worry about the cold, darkness, puddles of water or stagnate dust-filled air.")

Of the 24 Clermont Hotel 360ºs, Smigrod's favorites include:

  • a sign in front of the elevator on the second floor: "This Elevator is Out of Service on Sunday. We apologize for the inconvenience – Clermont Hotel."
  • behind the front desk: room keys in the boxes; notes on the walls.
  • the "TV room" on the 3rd floor: dozens of TVs collected (for some reason), but abandoned

Dan Smigrod previously did a 360º photo sphere shoot at Pullman Yard for a Creative Loafing cover story. (backstory)