360º photo sphere

Atlanta TV/Movie Production to Leverage 360º Photo Spheres

American Idol Host Ryan Seacrest on board USS Midway for auditions. 360º courtesy of Ryan Seacrest.

Atlanta television and movie production can help create buzz and increase audience viewing by creating immersive consumer engagement experiences with 360º photo spheres of:

  • On-set and Location – from the actors’ perspective; including crew and cameras
  • Backstage Experience – make-up, hair, wardrobe, meals, craft services and production trailers
  • Inside the Actors’ RVs – with the actors

In addition, 360º photos spheres can help with:

  • Location Scouting – saves producers time and traveling expenses by enabling an immersive ‘teleport in’ experience to tour a prospective movie location virtually.
  • Red Carpet Premieres 
  • DVD Bonus Content

Atlanta-based We Get Around shoots and hosts 360º photo spheres for $9.95 per 360º per month and offers 360º spherical cameras – free with a pre-paid hosting plan.