101 Uses

We Get Around 101 Uses for Matterport 3D Showcase Walk-Arounds

Atlanta Tech Village uses of this Matterport 3D Showcase include event space/film/TV show rentals and new member recuriment. Walk-Around by We Get Around Chief Photogrpaher Dan Smigrod

While helping residential and commercial real estate agents are obvious uses for Matterport 3D Showcase Walk-Arounds, seems like there are at least 101 uses including the less obvious treasure* hunting in historic houses. We Get Around Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod will keep adding to this list. Got an idea we missed? Please shoot us a note on our Contact Us page.

  1. buy residential real estate
  2. lease commercial real estate
  3. renovate real estate (use object file .obj)
  4. lease apartment (tour apartment community)
  5. book a hotel room
  6. rent a vacation home
  7. promote tourist destinations (historic house example)
  8. rent event space (including event space measuring and space planning)
  9. fast-track renovations such as a kitchen (leverages object file .obj)
  10. virtually stage real estate (video: simulation: not commercially available yet)
  11. location scouting for film/TV/commercials (unusual elevator example)
  12. fast-track film/TV set design  (leveraging object file .obj)
  13. fast-track film/TV camera locations and lighting
  14. backstage tour of a TV show produced on a sound stage
  15. backstage tour of a film on location
  16. Backstage tour a theatre
  17. sports: locker room and press box tour
  18. sports stadiums: lease suites
  19. sound design for a film/TV show (length/width/height/floor-ceiling-wall coverings)
  20. enhance TV news coverage with second screen experience
  21. enhance website news coverage
  22. Yacht sales and rentals
  23. Cruise ship decks / cabins / public spaces /behind-the-scenes tour
  24. reference photography for retail display
  25. construction project status for remote teams such as pre-drywall stage
  26. construction project annotations for "punch list"
  27. pre-lease commercial restaurant/retail space (prior to building completion)
  28. documentation photography for insurance property loss (before loss)
  29. documentation photography for remote insurance loss adjusting (after loss)
  30. 'click and mortar' showroom and commercial experience
  31. pre-tour an attraction such as a museum or theme park
  32. fire department reference photography
  33. scavenger hunt
  34. retail space planning
  35. game design meets real space
  36. treasure hunting*
  37. traditional still photography (screen grabs within the 3D Showcase view)
  38. tour college campus buildings (student center, event spaces)
  39. tour college specialty class rooms (kitchen, law library, medical assisting)
  40. new student and faculty orientation (student center)
  41. tour assisted living
  42. remote feng shui consulting (before) (after coming soon)
  43. Objective File (.obj) - Oculus Rift and Gear VR meets explorer real-world places experience
  44. Oculus Rift and Gear VR meets virtual shopping**
  45. virtual furniture shopping experience**
  46. virtual dating in real places**
  47. virtual social experiences in real places (social gatherings)**
  48. virtual gaming experiences in real places**
  49. virtual business meetings in real places**
  50. virtual play in real places**
  51. virtual learning in real places**
  52. mashup of art meets tech
  53. selling trade show booth space (use previous year's setup)
  54. virtual trade show booth tour
  55. help non-profits (donors, sponsors, grant writing, volunteers, teacher planning, rental)
  56. tour private spaces (rooftop patio)
  57. "Before" and "After" portfolio for architect, general contractor and other project vendors
  58. virtual asset tracking (e.g. count computers in the computer lab)
  59. Engineering Audit (e.g. illustrate how the existing building can become LEED certified
  60. pre-tour an art gallery
  61. sporting events (leasing of luxury suites; behind the scenes tour for fans)
  62. predicting sound for a film or TV show by measuring the length, width and height of spaces and evaluating wall and floor coverings.
  63. Create interactive floor plans (from the object file .obj)
  64. inside of car (Subaru BRZ by Andre Mckenzie with SilverHouse)
  65. Augmented Reality meets Matterport
  66. Experiential journalism
  67. Selfie

*because the Matterport Pro 3D Camera captures three-dimensional data, you may discover a large gap in a wall between two rooms of a historic building. That's the place to look for hidden treasure!  We Get Around Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod has "discovered" a space pre-built for a potential elevator in a mansion and storage closets. No treasure (yet).

**The Matterport camera captures two (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) data. That data is sent to the Matterport Cloud for processing. That processing results in a 3D model (digital object) hosted on the Matterport server. The Matterport 3D Showcase is the way to view that 3D model in a web browser using WebGL. The Matterport Workshop Player is the way to view and interact with that 3D model using the Unity application.