Referral Network Profile: Matterport Pro 3D Camera Service Provider Get Reel Productions in Greater New York

Matterport 3D Showcase | To walk around, use the arrow keys on your keyboard; check-out the dollhouse and floor plan views (lower left icons); click to fly-in and walk around | Matterport 3D Showcase by Get Reel Productions.

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Linda Kallner founded Get Reel Productions LLC in Chappaqua, New York in 2011 to service Greater New York. Later, Lyle Anderson joined the team. Their work has been primarily focused on videography and photography for corporate  and non profit clients (video of Ranger’s team captain Ryan McDonagh). In the past few years, real estate has become an important part of their business and they invested in the technology that will give Realtors new tools to help sell homes. 

Get Reel Productions Co-Founder Linda Kallner

Get Reel Productions Co-Founder Linda Kallner

Get Reel Productions Co-Founder Lyle Anderson

Get Reel Productions Co-Founder Lyle Anderson

Linda and Lyle started doing work in the real estate industry about five years ago, producing home videos for luxury homes in the New York and Connecticut suburbs.  Lyle also does aerial photography and videography for real estate, mostly concentrating in Rhode Island where he lives part-time.   

Get Reel Productions became a Matterport Service Partner earlier this year (2015).  Linda and Lyle have done Matterport 3D Showcase tours of homes, public buildings and commercial properties in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island. 

When Linda launched the business with the goal of offering professional broadcast experience to clients who were in need of creating custom corporate films.  Linda has won serval national awards for her news and video productions.

"As a former television news producer, Linda’s talent to gather the facts and turn them into compelling short films turned her dream of creating such work for clients into a thriving business," says Lyle.   "Working in real estate is a natural extension for her - her love of fine homes and interior decoration helps her bring the best to the 3D scan, photo, or video."  

Linda is also a Certified Staging Professional so Get Reel also provides an end-to-end solution for the Realtor or property owner. 

Lyle is the technical director and primary director of photography. He has been in the technology and media businesses for over 30 years and now dedicates his time to helping organizations with their businesses – whether using video, assisting them on their web strategy, or photographing their home or business.  

He recently was the principal photographer for The Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow, an illustrated historical book about the oldest church in New York state. Previously Lyle was the Chief Information Officer of News Corporation/TV Guide and was responsible for all aspects of the use of technology there.

Lyle’s video and web productions have received several national awards from the ACM and the U.S. Department of Commerce. Lyle is also an experienced drone pilot with 15 years flying drones for photography, video and search and rescue. 

Lyle has been a member of the Matterport User Group Forum since 21 August 2015. Lyle and Linda are Members of the We Get Around Referral Network of Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographers and Real Estate Agents.

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