Referral Network Profile: Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographer Douglas Peebles in Hawaii

Matterport 3D Showcase | To walk around, use the arrow keys on your keyboard; check-out the dollhouse and floor plan views (lower left icons); click to fly-in and walk around | Matterport 3D Showcase by Kerry Woo Photography.

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Douglas Peebles is an architectural and editorial photographer whose business has been in Hawaii for over 30 years. In that time he has photographed most every major resort in Hawaii, and many in the South Pacific. He has also been the sole photographer on over 30 photography books and maintains a large stock photo file.   

Books Online Include:

Douglas' stock photography collection includes stock photos of Hawaii, including Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, and the Big Island. South Pacific stock photos include Tahiti, Fiji, French Polynesia, Samoa, Guam, Palau, Tonga, the Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, Guam, New Zealand and Easter Island.

"The Matterport Pro 3D Camera has been a great addition to my architectural photography," says Douglas. "So far, I have been working with real estate agents, developers, architects, B&B owners, a fishing lodge and hotels. Next up is the interior of an airplane. I am interested in pushing the boundaries of what the camera can be used for."

In addition to Matterport 3D Showcase, Douglas is available for editorial, architectural and aerial assignments.  When not working he is often out surfing, which is the real reason he moved to Hawaii.

Douglas has been a member of the Matterport User Group (MUG) Forum since 5 June 2015 and is a Member of the We Get Around Referral Network of Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographers and Real Estate Agents.

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