We Get Around 101 Examples of Our Matterport 3D Showcase Walk-Arounds

Matterport 3D Showcase Walk-Around by We Get Around Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod

Here are 101 examples of our We Get Around Walk-Arounds alphabetized by a mash-up of company or category. 

These Walk-Arounds were created by We Get Around Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod.

  1. Alliance Theatre Backstage Tour
  2. Atlanta Children's Shelter
  3. Atlanta Tech Village
  4. Clayton County
  5. Colleges
  6. Conference Rooms
  7. Construction
  8. Event Rental Spaces
  9. Favs
  10. Homes
  11. Hotels
  12. Junior Achievement of Georgia
  13. Kitchens
  14. Magical Moments
  15. Night
  16. 'Not Possible'
  17. Outside
  18. People
  19. Small Spaces
  20. Sunset
  21. The Carter Center
  22. The Study Hall

In addition to creating We Get Arounds Matterport 3D Showcase Walk-Arounds for our greater Atlanta area clients, Dan provides training to our Network of photographers that covers hundreds of cities among four continents.

In the first four months that the Walk-Around solution has even been possible, Dan has created Walk-Arounds of 200,000+ square feet of luxury residential and commercial real estate.


Dan Smigrod