Viewing: a Blueprint for Long-Term Success


By Ryan Baxter, Founder of Viewing

What is Viewing?

  • Viewing is the world’s first dedicated and international 3D listings site for real estate
  • It’s a community project for us to build a home of 3D tours for the public to engage with, enjoy and begin to expect as standard

Why has Viewing been created?

  • For us all to be less reliant on other listings sites and start to build our own demand
  • As a way for us all to start generating more wealth from our content
  • To help your clients gain more branded exposure to a targeted audience
  • To help your clients gain a better understanding of user interaction with 3D listings via Unique Viewer Insights (UVIs)
  • To help your clients tailor pitches to individual buyers and report more accurately to vendors
  • To give our services more worth and, over time, make us invaluable

Who can list a home on Viewing?

  • Only 3D providers like you. 

Is Viewing connected to any MLS?

  • No. This is a deliberate choice to give your services more worth. 

So how does it work?

  • It’s a very quick and simple process. Your input generates a draft listing that you share with the client for approval.
  • You or the client can live edit on screen, if required, and publish the listing.

How does my client benefit from listing on Viewing? 

  • It focuses on their investment in 3D tours as the default viewing method while other listings sites bury the 3D tour and sometimes don’t even allow it
  • Their listing and tour can be fully branded
  • Viewers can contact the respective agent directly from the listing via Direct Message (DM), mobile or Instant Message (IM) chat
  • The agent is notified when someone is viewing one of their listings and can select actionable options to instigate a conversation with the Viewer in real time
  • The agent can use UVIs to understand a specific Viewer’s interactivity with their listings and work out what the Viewer is most interested in before a buyer makes contact
  • From this information, Viewing will also tell the agent about the Viewer’s likely personality type, meaning that the agent can tailor their tone and pitch
  • UVIs allow the agent to report to their vendors and give details about the success of their respective tour and listing
  • There are no specific listing or tour rules which means that you can be as creative as you like when building the listing for the agent
  • After you have created the listing (takes around five minutes) you share the draft with the agent for approval, meaning that the agent retains control over what’s published
  • You have the ability to create a searchable and branded mini-website for the client so that Viewers can explore all 3D listings by client mini-site if they like
  • Viewing has a ready-made audience of millions of people who all love to explore places in 3D
  • It’s free – why on Earth wouldn’t the client want all that additional branded exposure and Insights to help them get even better results?

Who benefits from listing on Viewing?

  • The 3D pro community by building mass awareness of our work and creating a new future
  • Agents by gaining additional targeted exposure and valuable insights about user behavior
  • The general public by having a central hub (a go-to place) to interact with 3D tours

How do we market Viewing?

  • By all of us distributing Viewing’s marketing materials and spreading the word
  • By Viewing using its contingency to mass market the site once we have enough content to warrant it
  • A big announcement is coming this summer, timed to coincide with a larger volume of content, that will generate mass exposure in both news and social media
  • We are all Viewing – we all create more wealth together, so big it up to the hills

What do I get out of promoting Viewing?

  • Apart from being able to offer a unique listing service to real estate clients, you can make revenue from your content in all other verticals starting January 1, 2018
  • You get free access to Viewing’s new range of booking and management tools to start moving into new verticals with amazing packages
  • You get half of all revenue from bookings made on any of your listings
  • Your accumulated revenue from bookings on hotels, private rentals, villas, restaurants and more is paid into your bank account at the end of each month

When can I start listing other verticals?

  • You can actually do this right now for most verticals and it makes sense to do so
  • Viewers can explore ALL 3D PLACES within their search radius via the Everything Nearby tab on every listing
  • Viewing has opted against allowing direct search of new verticals yet as there is not enough content to warrant it. However, Viewers can still click thru to full listings in other verticals via the Everything Nearby tab
  • There is a button on each listing in new verticals for Viewers to click thru to the client’s booking page on their own website
  • These click thrus will be tracked so that we can prove our worth before converting to a bookings site ourselves on January 1st


  • Viewing is a community project that allows us all to create more wealth from our content Start to view your content as a commodity with a value
  • Realize that we are the creators of 3D content and we have the ability to decide who has it
  • Realize that we hold all the 3D content cards, not the big listings and bookings sites
  • Realize that we can create public demand for 3D content ourselves without the need to rely on other listings and bookings sites
  • Offer this free branded exposure and access to individual user information to real estate clients to help them do their job even better
  • Act now. Don’t wait a few months to see how it’s progressing because the time frame for this to work is potentially slim Tell everybody about Viewing and start to build its popularity
  • Believe whole-heartedly that we can do this. The quality of Viewing and its functionality shows you and others that we mean business
  • Promote Viewing as much as you possibly can and we all succeed together
  • This is a golden opportunity with a passionate, caring and community-focused company and it may never come round again so let’s do this while we have the chance

Special Offer for All We Get Around Network Members (Starter, Basic, Standard and Premium Members)

  • Upload 10 live listings to Viewing - free - by 1 July 2017 and qualify for your share of transaction fees when Viewing switches to a monetized bookings site in 2018
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