vCAD for Pre-Built Spaces: Convert Your CAD File to VR on a Smartphone

Imagine 'Walking Around' a Space in Virtual Reality That Does Not Yet Exist

Video: ImmersaCAD CEO Lee Martin's interview with Local Channel 8 News WVLT about vCAD | Video courtesy of WVLT, Knoxville, TN

Video: vCAD CAD-to-VR conversion and publishing service. Video courtesy of ImmersaCAD

Imagine 'walking around' a space in Virtual Reality (VR) that does not yet exist.

With the vCAD CAD-to-VR conversion and publishing service, you can easily, quickly and affordably convert most CAD files to VR viewing experiences on a smartphone using the vCAD app (iOS, Android).

The smartphone gets paired with any Google Cardboard VR Viewer.

Instead of reviewing blue-prints or a 2-dimensional floor plan, a client can visualize the interior and exterior of a space in VR and give the architect or designer immediate feedback.

Additionally, with Spectator mode, the client could be in Athens, Georgia and the architect in Athens, Greece and as the client views the space in VR, the architect sees - on his computer - exactly what the client is looking at: real-time collaboration from two different locations.

Plus, with One-Touch Navigation, movement within a vCAD created VR model is continuous and silky smooth: no jumping from point-to-point and no fade-to-black transitions. 

Free vCAD app (iOS, Android) works with any Google Cardboard VR Viewer. Image courtesy of ImmersaCAD.

Free vCAD app (iOS, Android) works with any Google Cardboard VR Viewer. Image courtesy of ImmersaCAD.

Getting Started VIEWING a VR Experience of a Pre-Built Space is as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Download the vCAD free app (iOS, Android)
  2. Go to the vCAD VR Gallery
  3. View any of the examples in the vCAD app with One-Touch Navigation

Getting Started CREATING a VR Experience of a Pre-Built Space is as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Set up a vCAD cloud account
  2. CAD to VR: Upload your CAD file to the vCAD cloud | CAD file formats supported: | Revit | SKP 2014 | OBJ | FBX | FBX - Tilt Brush
  3. Within minutes, download the VR model to your smartphone to view the model in VR

Video: Convert your CAD files to VR on a Smartphone.

vCAD File Format Guide

  • Revit - export as RVT or FBX
  • Sketchup - export as SKP 2014 or FBX
  • 2020 Spaces Fusion, export as a .SKP 2014 or .OBJ
  • Matterport – export as OBJ
  • Maya – export as FBX
  • Rhino – export as FBX
  • Solidworks –export as OBJ
  • Titlebrush – export as FBX

And, the vCAD viewing experience does not require tethers or expensive equipment to buy.

With vCAD, now every architect, space planner, engineer or artist can quickly, easily and affordably immerse their clients into their designs. VR models can be easily shared privately or publicly. Plus, give live presentations at conferences, meetings and remotely with the vCAD Spectator mode within the vCAD cloud account. Spectator mode is the WebGL platform as demonstrated in the realtime background video from the WVLT interview shown above. For tech notes, please see the vCAD Immersifier and Spectator Guidelines.

To explore VR of a pre-built space, download the vCAD app (iOS, Android) and buy a Google Cardboard VR Viewer such as:

vCAD is a product from ImmersaCAD based out of Knoxville, TN.

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