Matterport 3D Showcase, Matterport Pro 3D Camera; and Finding a Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographer  – There's a Great Matterport Resource for That


If you you need a Matterport photographer, seek the latest Matterport news (or related Matterport news), want to connect with other Matterporters, or need help deciding if you want to buy or engage a Matterport photographer in Atlanta, London, Paris or in hundreds of cities among five continents – there's a resource for that.

Atlanta-Based We Get Around Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod created this official/unofficial Matterport Resource List (as well as founded both the Matterport User Group Forum and Matterport Network of Pro 3D Photographers – to help make it easy for you.

Matterport Official Resources

  1. Matterport website
  2. Matterport Support website
  3. Matterport blog
  4. Matterport Capture iOS app (v2.0.3 25 November 2014)
  5. Matterport Facebook page
  6. Matterport Twitter
  7. Matterport Vimeo channel
  8. Matterport YouTube channel
  9. Matterport LinkedIn page
  10. Matterport Crunchbase page
  11. Matterport Media Kit
  12. Matterport AngelList page
  13. Matterport Microsite: Real Estate
  14. Matterport User Guide Capture App 2.0
  15. Matterport Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  16. Matterport Oculus Rift – Conversion Process
  17. Matterport User Guide (old)
  18. Matterport "Tips for Successful Captures" Guide
  19. (account and password required)
  20. Matterport phone number: 650-641-2241 (For urgent on-the-job help, select extension 4)
  21. Matterport Support Workshop 2.0 User Guide (1 December 2014)
  22. Matterport job openings

Matterport Unofficial Resources

  1. Matterport User Group Forum
  2. Matterport Weekly News (
  3. Matterport Twitter List (list of Matterport enthusiasts, media and Pro 3D Camera Photographers)
  4. We Get Around Network of Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographers (covers hundreds of cities among five continents)
  5. We Get Around Blog Posts about Matterport (25+ posts)
  6. FloorMe with Matterport Interactive Floor Plan Service

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