Video: iGuide Camera System used to captured a 1,600 SF space to demonstrate the speed of the iGuide platform. See the finished iGuide 3D Tour.

Video: Getting started with the iGuide Camera System (IMS5)

iGuide: "the best high-end complete listing solution"*

You are a successful professional real estate photographer and you want to help your clients win more listings, simplify the sales process and differentiate their marketing program. How are you going to boost your business in 2017? 

iGuide is more than just a virtual tour, iGuide is a complete property intelligence platform that sellers, buyers and realtors are using to prepare, market and close sales faster and more efficiently.

  • Every iGuide includes:
  • Interactive 3D Property Tour
  • Property Photos
  • Property Floor Plans
  • Property Measurements and Area Calculations
  • Property Planning & Closing Tools

Join iGuide, a company that respects your talent and your brand.

Scanning Technology – A faster, more efficient work flow

  • Scan much faster than any of the other systems:
  • Shoot more properties
  • Offer more competitive pricing
  • 3D Tour uses HDR photography
  • HDR still images can be exported from the 3D Tour
  • Control camera settings manually
  • Edit any/all images in post-production including white balance, sharpness and saturation
  • Browser based technology works with any smartphone or tablet device

iGuide Features

  • iGuide has Laser precision measurements, + / - 1%
  • Room Dimensions
  • Floor Area Calculations (for MLS and billing)
  • 2D Schematic Floor Plans (in pdf, svg and dwg formats)
  • Complete user control:
    • Navigate in walk-through mode on visuals
    • Teleport to specific hotspots on floor plan
  • Neighborhood Maps and local attraction details
  • iGuide gives users property planning tools:
    • On Screen Measurements
    • Custom Photo Capture
  • Feature Sheet Creator Tool – easily create brochures for your clients
  • Add your photos to the image gallery
  • Add your videos to your tour


iGuide Added Value

  • Responsive embed codes for 3rd party website integration
  • Photo spheres for Facebook posts
  • Add iGuide to Google Maps and Business Photos through MP2SV
  • Own all your digital assets
  • Download complete iGuide and host tours from any server
  • iGuide Report is an email containing links to all your content and digital assets
  • iGuide Analytics is an auto-generated weekly report with your online viewing statistics:
    • 3 data sets: all time, last 7 days and last 8 weeks
    • Number of visitors and unique visitors
    • Gives average visit durations
    • Shows where visitors are coming from

Customize Each iGuide

  • Custom Brand for your clients:
    • Add logos and headshots
    • Add contact details 
    • Add web links 
  • Showcase your brand
    • Add camera cover logo to iGuide interface
    • Add contact details to floor plans
    • Add branding and contact details to iGuide Report
  • iGuide tour experience can be customized
    • Change room labels
    • Turn cameras on and off
    • Turn measurements and areas on and off
    • Add detailed property descriptions, MLS numbers and prices

The Growth of iGuide

  • iGuide is building a network of Operators to work together and build the marketplace
  • iGuide is for professional photographers 
  • Only a limited number of Pros can buy the iGuide Pro Camera per market

iGuide Pricing Program

iGuide Camera System | Includes: Camera, Carrying Case, and Initial Camera Training.

iGuide Camera System | Includes: Camera, Carrying Case, and Initial Camera Training.

iGuide Camera System Purchase

  • $ 4,500 USD
  • No monthly or annual subscription fees
  • No ongoing hosting fees
  • Save hundreds of dollars on extra equipment and gear requirements

iGuide Processing Fees | Standard

  • Standard iGuide - $70 (up to 3,000 SF of mapped space)

Additional Space Charges | Standard

  • Between 3,000 to 4,999 SF -  $0.03/SF
  • Between 5,000 to 9,999 SF - $0.025/SF
  • Above 10,000 SF - $0.02/SF

iGuide Processing Fees | Premium

  • iGuide Premium - $100 (up to 3,000 SF of mapped space)

Additional Space Charges | Premium

  • Between 3,000 to 4,999 SF -  $0.05/SF
  • Between 5,000 to 9,999 SF - $0.045/SF
  • Above 10,000 SF - $0.04/SF

We Get Around Network iGuide Bundle

Buy an iGuide Camera System by 30 March 2017 and receive: (Form | Request Form Password)

Offer valid for North American operators only. |   |

Video: How to use iGuide

*Source: 3D Camera Researcher Paul Collart in his article, "Compare 3D/VR Platforms for Scanning/Shooting Homes ..." first published in the We Get Around Blog on 7 December 2017.