If you are planning film/TV production in Atlanta (or have a potential film/TV venue), we can help you ...

Imagine that you live in Los Angeles, but for your next film you would like to stretch your budget with a Georgia income tax credit of 30% for qualified production expenses, so you are deciding if the greater Atlanta area will work for your production.

Now imagine an immersive virtual tour on your iPad – as if you were ‘teleported in’ to the middle of each potential location to begin your scouting trip such as Pullman Yard(How does this virtual tour experience compare to viewing photographs?)

Would this magical 360º photo sphere viewing experience help you decide if this Atlanta venue is right for you? Which venue to visit – or not visit in person – when your location scouting team flies in to Atlanta?

For film and TV production in the greater Atlanta area, We Get Around can help you be efficient with your time when you scout locations in person by shooting and hosting 360º photo spheres; and providing you with 360º spherical virtual tour of your potential venues. We make it fast, easy and seamless to get started.