We Get Around Network Photographers and Real Estate Agents: Adwerx Ads for Listings | Ads by Zip Code | Ads for Your Sphere

Screen Grabs:  Adwerx ads for We Get Around Network Founder Dan Smigrod | The ads can easily be changed.

Screen Grabs: Adwerx ads for We Get Around Network Founder Dan Smigrod | The ads can easily be changed.

If You Are a Matterport Pro

Video: Learn more at AdWerx.com AdWerx is now offering mobile online advertising. Spots are limited so claim yours! One of the fastest growing companies in real estate technology, AdWerx provides brilliantly simple digital advertising to over 15,000 real estate customers across all 50 states. | Source: ADWERX

Imagine that you can easily, quickly and affordably design a custom banner for Facebook and the web – that only gets viewed by those on your email list – or LinkedIn list. That's efficient use of your marketing dollars.

Now you can stay top-of-,mind all year long; and, change out the ad, easily and quickly. While ADWERX was created for real estate agents, it works great for photographers too "because 60 percent of your business comes from your sphere."

  •  Ads by Sphere – "Staying in front of your sphere is important to your business, but is time-consuming. What if you had an easy way to remind your sphere that you're an active agent, without filling up their inbox?"

    Now you do, with a simple online ad.

Video: Real estate agent Alison was in her third year in the industry, and was doing no marketing to support her business. We brought her in and introduced her to Adwerx Brand Ads, Listing Ads, and Sphere Ads. A year later, she has seen her business grow by nearly 50%! | Source: ADWERX

If You Are a Real Estate Agent

Imagine winning more and bigger listings more often two ways:

  • Ads by Zip Code – create awareness with prospects in your zip codes
  • Ads for Listings – Show clients you go the extra mile by working harder to sell their home

Special Offer

Basic, Standard and Premium Members of the We Get Around Network save 10 percent on all ADWERX orders.

Please see your Welcome Onboard Letter (password required). Not yet Member? 30+ Member Benefits | www.JoinStandard.com

Example Campaign

Video: Learn more at Adwerx.com. 87% of buyers would use their real estate agent again. But only 24% of sellers actually do.... What happened? In this live webinar, we'll focus on helping you bridge this gap with strategies to help you manage, maximize, and maintain the relationships that can power a successful real estate business: your sphere of influence. | Source: ADWERX

Within minutes, We Get Around Network Founder Dan Smigrod created an Adwerx 12-month campaign for his Sphere: 2,300 Members of the We Get Around Network Forum for $853.20 - $71.10 monthly – after applying the We Get Around Network Member Promo Code.

That's 2,500 ad views monthly @ less than three (3) centers per impression.


Adwerx was launched in 2013 to revolutionize online advertising for real estate professionals.

ADWERX iscommitted to providing digital marketing tools that are affordable, effective and accessible to everyone.

ADWERX make digital marketing brilliantly simple.