We Get Around Integrated Marketing Opportunities for 3rd-Party Service Providers, Products and Platforms in the Matterport-3D-VR-360º Space

Video: Sponsorship of the We Get Around Referral Network and We Get Around Forum.


Thank you for your interest in a marketing your service or product to the We Get Around Network community of 3D/VR/360º Photographers and 3rd party service providers:

About the We Get Around Network Forum

  • 1+ million annual page views
  • 85,000+ monthly page views
  • 9,000+ different monthly visitors
  • 2,200+ Members in 83 countries
  • 10,000 weekly email notifications to Forum Members
  • Knowledge base of 27,500 posts among 3,500 topics
  • We Get Around Network Forum Founded by Dan Smigrod 
  • We Get Around Network helps 3D/VR/360º photographers succeed faster
  • We Get Around Network – by aggregating the community – helps 3rd party service/product providers succeed faster

How to Get Started With Integrated Marketing Sponsorship

  1. Join as a Premium month-to-month Member of the We Get Around Network (3rd Party Services/Products Providers)
  2. Create Member Benefit for Basic, Standard and Premium Members of the We Get Around Network. Typical offers include:
    1. save 25 percent
    2. save 50 percent
    3. free 60 day trial
    4. first one free
    5. white label
    6. other (for inspiration, there are more than 30 benefits summarized here and listed on this Compare Plans page.)
  3. Promote the Member Benefit in a Banner Ad that your company creates  (examples and size info below)

We Get Around Network Provides

  • We Get Around Network Forum Newsletter (1st of the month)
    • one article to announce your Member benefit for Basic, Standard and Premium Members of the We Get Around Network
    • a monthly banner ad
    • 20 Questions Live: an interview by Forum Founder Dan Smigrod and you about your service
    • Ongoing (when appropriate) free Promoted Posts (such as: announce service | announce special offer | announce new features)
  • We Get Around Network Newsletter for Basic, Standard and Premium Members (15th of the month)
  • We Get Around 3D, VR and 360º Platforms and 3rd Party Solutions Provider Directory
    • A listing
    • A Banner Ad
  • We Get Around Network Marketing Pages
  • When appropriate, please create a land page | MP2SVimmoviewer | Blue-Sketch |
  • We Get Around Network will create a "handwritten" whiteboard marketing video about your service/product and Member benefit
  • Private We Get Around Network Forum Group (up to 50 Beta Testers)
  • Bonus; Pre-pay first 12 months Premium Membership and receive:
    • one week of Forum email notifications (about 10,000) that include your banner ad and the "handwritten" marketing video
    • one We Get Around Network Forum Tip of the Week notification (content that includes your service/product)

Your Company Provides (Deliverables)

  • Member Benefit for We Get Around Network Basic, Standard and Premium Members (benefit to be mutually agreed upon)
  • banner ad that includes the Member Benefit:
    • "We Get Around Network Basic, Standard and Premium Members Safe 25 Percent"
  • landing page ending in: /we-get-around-network-promotion that includes: 
    • "We Get Around Network Basic, Standard and Premium Members Safe 25 Percent"
  • Join as a Premium Member of the We Get Around Network
  • Beta Testing (optional)
  • For Benefits Page: logo (.png) | "talking-points" | video link | banner ad
  • Recommended: free services/products/account to We Get Around Network Founder Dan Smigrod

Timing for Launch/Announce

  • New Member Benefits are launched/announced in the Newsletter (either the 1st or 15th of the month)
  • Company to provide deliverables by the 1st to launch/announce on the 15th or the 15th to launch/announce on the 1st

Banner Ad Examples

  • 600 pixels wide x 200 pixel high .png file
  • Your company creates



Page last revised: 7 January 2017