• We Get Around Associate Photographer and Architect Yair Yépez | Yair@We-Get-Around.com | Mobile: 404.543.4843
  •  We Get Around Founder, CEO and Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod | Dan@We-Get-Around.com | Mobile: 404.964.3680

Videos (Above): The Google Earth FLY-IN 3D Tour Video (left) is included with listings of 3,500+ in our bundle (described below). The "iPad video" is included with listings under 3,500 sf in our bundle (described below). We provide both versions branded (your contact info and logo) and un-branded (without your contact info and logo).

We Get Around Bundle Includes

Click on Floor Plan (Above): Floor plans – for each floor – are included in the We Get Around bundle. There is no extra charge for these floor plans. They are create from the We Get Around WalkAround 3D Tour – powered by Matterport.

  • Matterport Spaces 3D Tour: We Get Around WalkAround 3D Tour powered by Matterport
  • Videos: Google Earth FLY-IN 3D videos (branded/un-branded) with listings of 3,500+ sf
  • Videos: iPad videos (branded/un-branded) less than 3,500 sf
  • Floor Plans: professionally created schematic 2D floor plans
  • Single Property Webiste: your choice of these two styles (both branded and unbranded versions: www.403RivercliffPoint.com or www.403RivercliffPoint.info
  • Virtual Staging – For unfurnished listings, we include We Get Around SeeMore Virtual Staging 
  • Hosting: 3D Tour and Videos are hosted for a minimum of 12 months (no additional)
  • Timing
    • 3D Tour within 48 hours; typically next day
    • iPad video within three-business days of 3D Tour
    • Google Earth FLY-IN within 7 business days of 3D Tour
  • Tactical
    • Annotation: We Get Around includes Mattertags text descriptions within the 3D Tour.  The info comes from the MLS property description
    • Responsive Design – our embed code is responsively designed. This means, regardless of screen size, it looks great,
    • Backup – We archive your 3D Tours
    • Social Media Friendly – our special link is  social media friendly. Our links automatically include a photo thumbnail in posts to Facebook and Twitter, for example.)
    • Many 3D Tours on One Page – Our Content Management System (CMS) enables many 3D Tours to be embedded in your website – without slowing your page loading times to a crawl

We Get Around Marketing Tools To Help You Get More Listings

Use these marketing tools – free – after we create your fist WalkAround 3D Tour – powered by Matterport:

  1. Marketing Video – customized with your contact info and logo
  2. 3D Tour examples – your choice of four (4) 3D Tour examples
  3. Google Earth FLY-IN video of your fist 3D Tour (3,500+ sf)
  4. iPad Video – of your first 3D Tour
  5. 2D Schematic Floor Plans – of your first 3D Tour
  6. Single Property Website – of your fist 3D Tour

We Get Around Good Stuff to Know

  1. We shoot a house in less than a day and it is ready within 48 hours – typically the next day
  2. While our pricing does not include conversion to Virtual Realty (VR) from the 3D Tour, when we shoot the house, we shoot in anticipation of converting to VR. For listings that may still be on the market in 4Q16, this may be helpful to extending your exclusive listing by offering a VR version of the listing (additional charge for Virtual Reality conversions to play on Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard).
  3. We Get Around Pros successfully shoot up to 20,000 sf in one model
  4. We Get Around successfully shoots covered decks and patios outside
  5. We Get Around is an authority: We are the first and only Georgia photography service company that focuses exclusively on the Matterport Spaces 3D and VR experiences and related solutions.
  6. We founded the We Get Around Referral Network of Matterport with 1,700 Pros in 67 countries.
  7. Trust Level: We shoot multi-million properties unsupervised
  8. $2 Million Commercial Liability Insurance (certificate on request)
  9. We show up on time (We book only one client per day per photographer.)
  10. Clients love us. We're nice people.
  11. Six Star Experience (Our photographers wearing shoe-covers: just one example)
  12. For architects, please ask up about: architect rendered 3D Floor Plans; Objective File (.OBJ); SketchUp File (.SKP) and Point Cloud File (.PTS)

We Get Around Pricing

  1. Per Square Foot: $0.50 per square | minimum $1,500 per day | includes above (except for VR model) and hosted for 12 months: net 15 days
  2. Credit Cards Accepted: for your convenience, you may pay your invoice in full by credit card, if paid within 5 days of invoice

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Video: We Get Around Founder, CEO and Chief Video: A Taste of What's Coming | We Get Around Founder, CEO and Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod demos its We Get Around VR WalkAround™ Tour - powered by Matterport VR Showcase™ Beta.


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